Khidmat Perundingan Pengujian Prestasi Sistem Aplikasi Sektor Awam Tahun 2019

Unit MyTCoE, Bahagian Perundingan ICT, MAMPU telah melaksanakan Khidmat Perundingan Pengujian Prestasi Sistem Aplikasi Sektor Awam kepada agensi yang membuat permohonan. Berikut adalah senarai projek yang telah dilaksanakan:

Tahun 2019

Bil. Nama Sistem/ Agensi/ Skop Ujian Penerangan Ringkas Sistem Status Pelaksanaan

Electronic Government Unclaimed Moneys Integrated System (eGUMIS)

Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia

Skop ujian prestasi 20,000 pengguna serentak

eGUMIS application shall mainly focus on the ability of the entity to submit their unclaimed moneys and the public and organization to apply for a refund on the unclaimed moneys. Taking these into consideration, below are the main modules which shall be the heart of eGUMIS implementation:

a) Entity User Registration
To ensure all submission is secured and reliable, every entity users are required to be registered in eGUMIS. Only registered entity users with generated Entity Code are allowed for registration.

b) Online Unclaimed Money Submission
Every entity that has registered with GUMIS shall have the ability to submit the UMA3 and UMA4 forms online to BWTD. The entity must use EFT as their payment channel and submit the EFT information during online submission.

c) Entity Management
This module shall enable the entity users to update their entity information. Every update request is pending for approval process from GUMIS.

d) Claimant User Registration Registration module shall cater the online registration for public individual or organization in order to enable them to search their BO and apply for a refund.

e) Online Unclaimed Moneys Refund Application
This module shall enable the registered users to search any BO record by using the identification number and submit the UMA7 online for refund application.

f) Admin
This module shall enable the system administrator to manage all system related matters such as user management and report generation.

Ujian prestasi telah dilaksanakan mulai 21 hingga 27 November 2019.

2 pusingan ujian prestasi telah dilaksanakan
a. 21 November 2019
b. 27 November 2019