The IV&V Handbook is the principal reference for the Malaysian public sector agencies (The Agency) to engage, manage and implement an Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Service Provider (IV&V Provider) to perform third party software testing for The Agency’s ICT projects

As the principal reference, this IV&V Handbook defines:
(a) the expectations for The Agency in performing evaluation and appointing of IV&V Provider, and executing the ICT project involving IV&V,
(b) the scope and required qualifications of IV&V Provider performing (IV&V) activities for The Agency,
(c) the Development Teams’ role in an IV&V Engagement and its collaboration with the IV&V Provider, and
(d) the procedures to be followed.

An Executive Summary in this section provides:
(a) an overview of the IV&V Handbook objectives,
(b) the rationale and business needs for establishing this IV&V Handbook,
(c) the relevance and roles IV&V play in the ICT project, and
(d) the economic benefits of IV&V Engagement justification on the relevance of IV&V for The Agency’s ICT project.