2.12 Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Workflow

2.12 Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Workflow

CI/CD refers to the software engineering practice that consists of a set of operating procedures that helps to deliver code changes more frequently and reliable.

Figure 2-27 CI/CD Workflow 1) Developers check in the code changes to the source code repository such as Git. 2) CI build server shall detect if there is any change from source control server. 3) CI build server will build the system based on the changes and put for testing. 4) Test servers will conduct automated functional, performance and security testing. 5) Based on the test results, the new build shall go for production release if all tests are successful, else, it shall be feedback to developers for fixes. Successful build shall then be scheduled for acceptance test and production release. 6) Once release is confirmed and approved, the new release shall be put into production environment.Operations team shall operate and monitor if the new release is stable, and shall provide immediate feedback to developers shall any issue occurs.