Appendix A: Sample of Quality Policy

“ABC Department” is committed to:

Provide public with high quality services and accessibility that meet their requirements. Operating the business according to the standard of ISO 9001:2015. Continuously enhance the skills and improve the productivity of the team through on-going training policy, setting right career objectives and getting the right tools as enabler. Adopt the DevOps approach in promoting collaboration between Development and Operations teams and improving quality of the system. Promote "kaizen" approach in ensuring continuous service improvement. Implement the quality management systems and ensuring implementation is achieved by internal auditing, management review, corrective and preventive action.

Everyone in the organization is responsible for the quality within the agency and for maintaining high standards.


Chief Executive Officer

20 December 2018 

Notes: This is sample of quality policy. The quality policy created should be based on the organization’s objectives and signed by board of directors or highest official of the organization.


Appendix B: List of Key Metrics for Monitoring

Criteria  Metrics  Descriptions 
Customer experience  UX Metric To measure and categorize user experience such as "satisfied, tolerating or frustrated". Example:
  • Response time below 0 secs to 4 secs is considered satisfied
  • Response time above 4 secs to 12secs is considered tolerating
  • Response time above 12 secs is frustrated
Visually Complete Time taken (seconds or milliseconds) for the screen to sufficiently loaded for user to proceed with next action
Customer Insights Conversion rate Measure the percentage of users that have successfully completed a series of specified transactions. Example: Completion of sign up process or completion of payment process
Bounce rate Measure the percentage of users that does not continue after hitting any first page of the website
Application Performance   Response Time Time taken for the page to fully load
Database Query Time Time taken for a single database query to complete
Network Transmission Time Time taken for the page to fully transmitted to client for each request or response
Server Processing Time/CPU Time Time taken for server to response to client's request. Also, known as first byte time.
Application Usability Transaction Failure Rate Percentage of failed transactions
Number of Errors/Exceptions Number of errors or exceptions triggered whether handled or unhandled. Should group into HTTP 5xx, 4xx, database exceptions, handled or unhandled exceptions.
Infrastructure Performance  CPU Utilization Measure for the CPU usage and process that utilizes the most
Memory Utilization Measure for the memory usage and process that utilizes the most
Disk Utilization Measure for the disk usage for each filesystem, partition, drive or disk
Network Utilization Measure for the network bandwidth usage and process that utilizes the most
System Uptime Duration that the system is up since last shutdown or restart